Our company make remote control device , 32 bit cpu and acquisition modules for custom applications , but we have not never used SCADA software, I am trying to understand its principles, but many information lack me.

I have understood as a OPC server works but I do not know ho to configure it .

I would want to use for my system a OPC in modbus ad conncet it to FactoryPmi , where I can find informations in order to make that.

I have a good experience in networking, socket and software programming, but I do not know the SCADA configuration , which the better way in order to begin?

Thanks in advance


Hello Paolo-

I think the first step would be to determine your OPC server setup. You mentioned Modbus- I would take a look at KepServer from Kepware ( and see if there is something there that can help. They support many protocols, and have several modbus drivers.

I don’t have any experience with modbus & the kepware drivers, but if your company manufactures the devices I’m sure that someone would be familiar with the necessary parameters.

At this point, you can install FactorySQL, and attempt to browse the server. Not all Kepware drivers are browsable, so you may have to enter the tag information in FactorySQL manually. We can cover this when you get there, you should be able to tell more or less inside of kepware whether your server configuration is correct.

Hope this gets you started,