Ingersoll-Rand Variable Speed AirCompressor

Does anybody have any experience connecting to Ingersoll-Rand N100H, N75H, or R75n air compressors? My workplace has 3 N100s, 1 N75, and 1 R75n. I was wanting to monitor them remotely, from what I can tell from some of the user manuals they support Modbus. The manuals briefly mention this, but not a whole lot of detail. Just putting some feelers out there to see if anybody has any useful knowledge before I dive blindly into it. I called my local Ingersoll-Rand dealer, and explained what I was doing. I got the “let me do some research and I’ll get back with you” line, and its been almost a year with no responses. I don’t believe they want to fool with it so yeah. Thanks.

I’d contact Ingersoll-Rand directly and ask for details on Modbus communication for these. If they support it, they should have a manual telling you what control/status words are at what addresses. At least with other vendors, this is not always in the main manual for the equipment.

the R75n has a newer type controller that does support Modbus protocol, I have a manual for the addresses for that one. The rest use a slightly older Intellisys type controller. From what I’ve found, I believe it does support Modbus rtu? I am currently trying to directly contact IR for more info, but info from someone who has done it before is usually the best in my experience. I should be able to connect, but I’m just trying to find out any caveats before I start, if possible. I assuming that the Modbus rtu will have to be converted to tcp for my needs since rtu has limitations as seen by my small amount knowledge on this subject. thanks

Yes, best info is from those with experience–so count me out :slight_smile: . I’ve worked with Modbus TCP and various devices, but nothing from IR. Hopefully someone else has more specifics to offer.

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i’ve worked with lots of IR compressors but have never picked up the modbus over RS485 or ethernet. so far 100% of the time the documentation that has been provided during the design phase has not matched the final product.

If you buy the Ignition Serial Module, you can use Modbus RTU directly in Ignition just like Modbus TCP. The only extra you’ll need is some way to connect the RS485 to your server. Normally we’d use either a PCI-E card or a serial to Ethernet converter like the Moxa NPort 5110 or similar.

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I was planning on using this from gridconnect

As long as it comes with a driver for the OS you’re using so you can access it as a virtual COM port you should be good.

I mentioned Moxa because I’ve had some Moxa converters in and working with no downtime for nearly 20 years now - and they’re actually cheaper: :slight_smile:

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I haven’t done a lot of research on this part so far. I’ll keep the moxa on my radar, but for now I will be focusing on getting modbus out the compressors. I will reply back when I get that far with my status, and maybe ask for another opinion or two regarding the rest. thanks

How did you make out with this task? We have an older (2005) IR intellisys compressor. IRN15-TAS-130, with a X-IRI interface. I would like to modify some parameters and I believe we need an X-IRI gateway AND a method to connect DCS using RS-485. Can I use a laptop with RS-232 to connect, using a RS-232 to RS-485 converter?

I never got to finish this project, more pressing things came about and no one from Ingersoll-Rand was of any help. I think you only need the X-IRI stuff if the controller does not support Modbus. If the controller has Modbus capabilities you shouldn’t need the X-IRI. In the end I would use a 232 to TCP/ethernet converter. Here is the X-IRI manual in case you don’t have one. X-IRI_ComControl.pdf (717.9 KB)