Inherit Page Configurations

Are page configurations inheritable in perspective projects?

Page configuration is all handled by a single resource - so, if you have ever overridden it in a child project, you won’t go back to using the parent’s configuration unless you delete the resource on the child…which we don’t have any UI to do in the designer. You can delete the resource folder on disk (gateway-install-path/data/projects/your-project-name/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/page-config/) and your project should automatically start using the parent’s configuration.

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Thanks. Are Session Custom parameters inheritable?

Custom props are contained in the session-props/ singleton, right next door to the page-config/ resource - the props.json file will have a custom entry.

I just ran into this issue where page configurations are not being inherited.
@PGriffith is this still the case where we have to delete the project resource folder in order to inherit page configurations?

Yes, unfortunately.