Inherit project resources based on condition

I am using Ignition 8.1.22. I have created one global project with all common resources required for three child projects. Is it possible to inherit global project resources based on child project name?

Eg. I have created 5 named queries required for child 1 project, 5 named queries required for child 2 project, 5 named queries required for child 3 project in global (parent) project. I have made same global project for 3 child projects as a parent project, so I am getting all 15 named queries in each child project but out of 15 only 5 named queries are related to child 1 project. So is it possible to inherit only child project required data from parent project?


Sounds like you should just define the 5 named queries that are intended for each child project... in the child project.


I have typically used the inheritable projects to define resources that I plan to use in multiple projects, but I have in some cases done what you are describing to provide a single project for editing certain resources, if the environment is controlled or regulated and it’s much easier as far as change control documentation and other paperwork to consolidate resources that are commonly modified into a single project.

@Kevin.Herron, if a resource is defined in an inheritable project, but not used in a child project, does it have any impact on the child project? As far as performance, file size, etc. Are there any drawbacks other than a resource showing up in the project tree that may not be compatible with the child project?