Initialisation of a tab page

I have a tab page, which is a linked view, in ignition perspective. When i change to a previous opened tab all settings are lost. it seem that the view in the page is reinitialized again. Is there a simple setting to avoid that or do i have save the settings and to set them again by code.

Yes, you need the runWhileHidden option set to true.


The default tab list takes one property - the tab caption. Since we want multiple parameters per tab we need to change each item in the list to an object type and define two new values text and runWhileHidden within that object.

  • Right-click on the tabs.0 and under Structure select Change To ... | Object.
  • Add a value text and define the tab caption.
  • Add a value runWhileHidden and set to true.
  • Repeat for any other tabs that require runWhileHidden.