Initialization of Client Tags only on Client Launch

I have a client tag that I always want to start with a certain value, but as I work in the designer it is changed via bindings. My preference would be to create a client startup script that reverted the tag back to the desired startup when the client first opens, but not when the user logs out and logs in

My issue is that I automatically log out privileged users after a timeout and log in a default, view only user. I don’t want my client tags to revert back to the “client launching” state, but rather stay as they are.

How can I distinguish between the first time a client launches, and subsequent login / logout triggers of the startup scripts?


Hmmm. As soon as I posted this I see that the startup script for the client does not run when I use the “switchUser” scripting function. So this seems to solve the problem of switching users without running the initialization script.