Initialize Values on vision window

What is the best way to initialize values on a vision window when it opens? I have used the visionWindowsOpened script, but it doesn’t always work the way I think it should.

Where really necessary, I tend to use an expression binding that is just a constant. Only executes once when the component is started up.

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Hello Sir.

Can you explain that?
I'm looking to tell the user "yes you have permission" and open home,
or "sorry, you don't have permission, you must be an administrator"

I supposed use [System]Client/User/RolesString

many thanks

Have you taken the courses at inductive university? Highly recommend them. to show you the basics of bindings.

You wouldn't want to use that tag directly. In a binding you could want to use hasRole('administrator') which would be true if the user had that role, false otherwise. Or in scripting you could do if 'administrator' in system.user.getRoles():

I don't know how much sense either of these will make though if you are not familiar with the general setup of Ignition. I highly recommend taking the courses in my first link.

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Hello sir, yes I have been reading the courses while developing but I have not found something similar
After pressing login, I look to open only if the user is admin... on Vision


Next time I would recommend making a new topic as this does not really relate to the original thread. But since you are here, under project properites you should see

Put administrator in there.

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Many thanks!

I hadn't really seen this before, not even in the tutorials