Initiate a restore from Ignition Client

I have an Ignition Edge program that is being used on multiple Panel PCs which have no internet access. I’m trying to find a way to allow my customers to update if they so choose. As not everyone is the most computer literate, is there a way I could initiate a batch file via a button within the program that would launch the batch file located on a USB stick with administrator privilege’s? This way, I could use the gwcmd command to perform a restore. I’ve considered disabling UAC since it is a stand alone piece of equipment, but it could be connected to the net some day.

Was as simple as putting a button on my screen which launched the following script:

def Main():
	system.util.execute(["cmd.exe", "/C", "C:\Ignition\RestoreBackup.lnk"])

The shortcut was setup to point to a batch file which was set to Run as Administrator per a comment I saw of JordanCClark on another post.

The batch file was

cd c:\program files\inductive automation\ignition
gwcmd -s d:\[BackupName].gwbk -y

The user will need to click Yes on the UAC and since i’m on 7.9 the user has to enter a new gateway name to use on restore.

@mcolson1590 , you might have to adapt this for use on your Windows batch file, but I had worked around the prompt for gateway name in 7.9.x (causing inability to use fully autonomously) by piping a carriage return to the gwcmd utility, i.e. . Thought I’d mention it in the event you found it useful.

Thanks. I had no such luck in windows with a batch file.