Inition demo Projects - Cant import on 8.0.12-8.0.15

Trying to Show off some demo project for ignition but I can’t seem to get them to load onto an ignition 8 gateway I’ve tried 8.0.12/8.0.14/8.0.15 and all I get is an error Failed to import project.Gateway reported that it could not import project.

Im downloading from here:

Which project from the demo download were you trying to import?

Im trying the Ignition Demo Project Gateway Backup v8.0 but i tried with the 7.9 project and get the same thing happens on a fresh install as well as our dev environment.

I mean from inside the zip in the Project Backups folder, which project were you trying to import? I’m guessing PerspectiveDemo, because that was the one I had trouble with.

Try dropping the PerspectiveDemo folder directly in the filesystem under {installdir}/data/projects, it should be picked up by Ignition automatically.

That Worked Thank you!