Inkscape Text Boxes

So I know this isn’t 100% ignition related but I have scoured the interwebs with no success.
Here is my issue. I create a square in inkscape, I add a textbox on top of that square. I save it using the recommendations here:

I then embed the svg into a view in ignition. My colored square show up just fine, but no text is displayed. There is a text element in the property browser.

So then I download the SVG that was shared here to inspect it.

And here is where I found the difference in the svg code.

<text transform="translate(58.807 49.039)" x="4.1963849" y="53.20747" fill="#000000" font-family="sans-serif" font-size="10.583px" letter-spacing="0px" stroke-width=".26458" word-spacing="0px" style="inline-size:57.2399;line-height:1.25;white-space:pre" xml:space="preserve"><tspan x="4.1963849" y="53.20747"><tspan stroke-width=".26458">Fill Volume</tspan></tspan></text>
<text transform="matrix(1.5361 0 0 1.5221 -31.229 -64.751)" fill="#000000" font-family="sans-serif" font-size="10.583px" style="line-height:1.25;shape-inside:url(#rect2945);white-space:pre" xml:space="preserve"><tspan x="65.646484" y="122.86765"><tspan>Value</tspan></tspan></text>

The top line is the text box that work, the bottom one does not.
So my question is what I am doing wrong in inkscape, or am I going to have to edit all of my svgs by hand that I want to have text.

I think you should be enabling viewboxing. May not solve your issue, but it solved some of mine when I first started using perspective. I should probably look more into it though…

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