Input Component 'Text Area' background is opaque

In Ignitino 7.9.1, I was thinking of using this component as a convenient way to display (no entry) large multi-line translated text with word wrap (so we don’t have to manually put new lines in translations). We can hide borders, adjust text size, and set word wrap. With larger text, the padding on left is too small and looks bad, but we want a transparent background anyway, which will make this invisible.

But we can’t make the background transparent. And in this case colouring it to match what is behind it won’t work either. To clarify, the Background Color property can be set transparent, but there is an opaque white background behind that so setting Background Color to alpha 0 just makes the background white.

Is there a way to display automatically word-wrapped text that allows a transparent background?

Never mind; the label component does word wrap automatically if text is entered as html. This covers my display only case.

That said, I can see scenarios where true transparent background on the Text Area component would be useful too.