Input File Micrologix 1400 part #2

Hi to everybody

From this post seems the Input file register of the micrologix not supported from the driver of Ignition.

It’s still true? I’m having some strange behaviours. The driver seems to import correctly the input files, but when I try to read the[Micro 1400]I:1.0/0 ignition reads a null value.

Ignition seems able only read the I:0 files. But the strange thing is, If I defined a Sql Tags [Micro1400]I:0.1/00 , ignition reads the value of the bit of the PLC with the address I:1.0/0

I must moving all the input registers into the internal registers, Igniton does not support the directly addressing yet?

Thank you very much

Unfortunately we don’t currently support reading word 0 in this configuration. The developer is working on reading word 0 and will hopefully have this fixed soon.

Actually, what is currently not supported is combining the specification of the word and bit together.

I:1/5 (VALID) is used to read boolean input in slot 1, word 0, bit 5
I:1.1 (VALID) is used to read Int16 input in slot 1, word 1
I:1.1/7 ([color=#FF0000]INVALID[/color]) is currently invalid because both the word and bit are specified.

For your case of I:1.0/0, you can simply use I:1/0 provided that there is an actual input module in slot 1.

Thank you very much for your reply