inputBox with touch screens

This is from the manual for the showTouchscreenKeyboard:

[quote]This function is a holdover for backwards compatibility. Input components now know when the client is in touchscreen mode and respond accordingly. This would go in the MouseClicked or MousePressed action of a Text Field or similar component.

However, if I try to use the inputBox function, I get no touchscreen keyboard. Am I missing something?

For the time being you will have to use the wheel menu by long-pressing on the screen, and then selecting the keyboard from the available options. There is still an outstanding feature request to add this “auto-popup keyboard” functionality to iOS devices. I believe for Android devices earlier than 4.0 (ICS) you could use long-press the menu key to manually bring up the keyboard, but that functionality appears to have been taken out in ICS.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m not referring to the Mobile module, just standard Ignition windows.

Currently the inputBox and passwordBox don’t support touchscreen mode, the workaround would be to only the keyboard and bypass the inputBox, or you can show the keyboard, and pass the value entered in the keyboard into the inputBox. Either way, the keyboard has to be manually invoked using showTouchscreenKeyboard().

I’m invoking the keyboard now, but I figure out how to hide the password characters.

Ok great, glad you got it working.