Insert manually alerts in alert_log table

Is there any way to insert manually alerts in alert_log table?

We are working with a device that has its own alerts buffer. We are retrieving this alerts buffer and would like to insert them directly in the Ignition default alerts management system.

These external alerts must be read and inserted directly on alert_log table and cannot be related to any tag-based Ignition alert.

What we haved tried is inserting directly the information on the alert_log table, but the alert summary component is displaying only Ignition alerts and not the ones imported from the external device. Do think this is because we should import these external alerts somewhere else besides alert_log table?

The alert summary table only shows the current status of all the alerts. In order for a record to show up that alert must be registered in the system from a SQLTag. You can insert information into the alert_log table manually by doing an insert query in scripting. Once you do that you can make your own alert status table by querying the alert_log table and only showing the active alarms. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot. Finally I’ve selected data by doing different querys: one for system’s alerts and one for alerts manually inserted.