Inserting date and time on condition

Anyone have any quick ways of displaying current date and time once a Boolean condition is met?

Globally or per-client? Once forever? Or resets when condition becomes false? Or resets manually? Or resets when the client restarts?

Etc, etc, etc. Please describe your use-case in more detail.

I am looking for it to be when the condition changes. It is a filter lets us know when a test occurs. The tag will go to true once this has occurred and stay true until 00:00. I just want it to record when the tag first becomes true. Hope this helps.

The simplest would be to create a memory tag of type date/time and write to it from a Gateway Tag Change Event script (that watches the boolean). This part of Inductive University will help you get started.

Ok, that helped a bit. I will have to work on it. Hopefully not too difficult.