Inserting to Web portal pages

After Web page designing using Ignition Vision module, Can I insert its designed pages into our Web portal pages? How?

Sort of.

Ignition Vision clients are not really “web pages” in a technical sense. They are Java applications deployed using a technology called “Java Web Start”. So while you get the benefits of a webpage (launched from a web browser, no installation or updates needed), they aren’t actually running in a browser.

Now for the good part. You can also launch a Vision client as a Java Applet, which will run inside a browser. To enable applet launch mode, edit your project’s “Launching” properties under Configuration > Properties in the Project Browser. Check the “Applet Button” checkbox. Now from the Ignition Gateway’s main page you’ll be able to launch your project as an applet. From there you should be able to inspect the HTML source of that page to figure out how to embed the applet into a different web server’s pages.

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Thanks for your advice.
I found Applet box as follows. Is this correct?
“Configuration -> Properties -> Client / Launching Window -> Client -> Launching -> Gateway Launch Page ->Applet”
And I have another question, After saving Applet project page, Where can I find it(folder)?

Once you turn on applet mode you launch the applet from the Gateway’s home page via the project’s launch dropdown button.

The direct URL for the applet is like this:

where you’d use your project’s name in place of “PROJ_NAME”