Install 7.3 with Vision Module 4

Is this possible? I just tried upgrading my development machine by unchecking the vision module. After the installation completed my vision module version 4 was missing.

Will I not be able to get the Vision gateway updates unless I upgrade my Vision module?

From the change log the new features of Vision module 5 seem to center around ability to draw and work with shapes. If we don’t plan on drawing shapes are we missing out on anything Vision module 5 has to offer? Is the template feature available?

On our SQLBridge servers I was able to upgrade to 7.3 without any problem. It is really great to see the memory usage improved for our tags.

If I cannot upgrade our vision module servers, would there be any issue with running 7.2.9 on the Vision servers and running 7.3.0 on the SQLBridge servers?

Thank you,

We’re considering releasing a Vision 4 module for 7.3, but there may be some technical hurdles that prevent it.

You should be fine running some 7.2.x servers for Vision and 7.3 for SQLBridge.