Install Ignition on Mac OS Big Sur 11.4

Launching on Mac OS Big Sur 11.4 results in nothing.


  1. Launching the installer does trigger Mac OS installation protection and the user has to allow the exception source. No issue there.

  2. Once allowing the installation then re-starting the installation. The pop-up for admin password is displayed, and after entering admin password the installation seems to just abort without any further notification.

I am experiencing the same thing with Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.

I ran into this same issue. What ended up working for me was to copy the dmg installer into the Applications folder and then run the installer. For some reason, trying to run it from the Downloads folder would result in the same behavior described in #2 above. No warnings/errors and nothing in “Security & Privacy”. Hopefully this helps!

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Ran in the same issue, opening the installer only prompt security protection then nothing happened.

The issue was in my case I had an external monitor (34 pouce UWQHD) connected to my M1 macbook pro.

When I disconnected it the installer launched successfully.

Very odd behaviour.