Install unsigned module on Linux installation

I have installed Ignition 8.0.17 on Manjaro 21.0. I want to test one internally developed Java module on it.
This module is unsigned. I know that we need to enable developer mode in gateway by making changes in ignition.conf file. I suppose that in Linux also same setting will be required.

I know this file’s path in Windows. But I am not able to find this file in Manjaro.

Can anyone help me with the path of this file?

For recent Ignition versions, if you used the installer, the path should be /usr/local/bin/ignition/data

I did not find any folder in /usr/local/bin.
I checked the README file again. It seems once the file is unzipped, installation is completed. I made changes in ignition.conf file in data folder from the unzipped installation file ( It’s working now. I am able to install unsigned module on the gateway.

Edit: I happened to use .run file for installation on Linux machine. It created /usr/local/bin/ignition/data as mentioned by @PGriffith