Installation issue - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


I’m wholly new to both Ignition and Linux, so please assume I know nothing.

I created a Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox. 14.04 LTS, x64.

I followed the Inductive University Linux install video.

I get all the way to the end of the installer. The “Start Ignition now” checkbox is checked, and I click the Finish button. Instead of the web browser opening to the Ignition gateway, I get an error.

There has been an error.
Error running su -c ‘"/usr/local/bin/ignition/" start’ : child process exited abnormally
The application will exit now.

The only difference I see between what I have and what’s shown in the video is the java version. I’m running 1.8.0_25-b17.

Little help? Thanks in advance.

You should check /var/log/ignition/wrapper.log and post any errors there to this forum. Also, you should verify that you have enough memory allocated to the VM to run Ignition. The Ignition Gateway is initially configured to use up to 1GB of memory (adjustable in /var/lib/ignition/data/ignition.conf) and will throw an error if enough memory is not available.

Memory sounds very likely. I’ll check later this evening.

UPDATE: It was the memory. Thank you very much for the help.