Can ignition be installed on the same server as the legacy product at the same time. I would like to install ignition, migrate slowly, and then uninstall the old stuff. Is this possible. or must FPMI and FSQL be unintalled first?

Absolutely! We have an upgrade guide that we’re trying to get put up that talks about this, but I’ll quickly hit 2 main points:

  • Ignition and the legacy products can run happily side-by-side. By default FactoryPMI uses port 8080, Ignition uses port 8088.

  • We strongly encourage existing users to do what you’re suggesting: install it side by side, migrate over, and wait til everything is confirmed to be working before taking down the old system. To help this, we’re allowing customers to have both systems activated at the same time.

Let us know if you have any further questions. I’ll post the link to that guide as soon as it’s up.


We pre-purchased ignition in December. I have tried to activate using the same key, but it tells me none are available. Please help.

You’ll need a new key for Ignition, but the activation system is still in the process of going live - please be patient, we’ll get it up as soon as possible.

You can contact your sales rep to get a temporary 7-day key to tide you over. The activation system should be available by Friday.

As a follow-up, the Ignition Upgrade Guide is now available for download.