Installed 7.09 will not activate with Key

I installed 7.09 today.

Restored full backup.

Not activated…

Grab the “license.ipl” from the old install and upload it through gateway install license option, get error (Something about HAL)

OK maybe just restart ignition now, well now it will not come back up…Grrrrrrrr

Went in and removed “license.ipl” from current install to get it to fire up again. So we are now running on the 2 hour test mode.

This is all on Ubuntu 9.10 server 64 bit ( With no desktop just CLI through putty or webmin)

Thanks for the help Travis ( Tech Support)


apt-get install hal

For future reference to anyone.

Yes the linux licensing sub-system requires the linux package “hal”. Thanks for posting back with the solution. We’ll add this to the linux readme.txt.

Once deb packages are made, it will automagically resolve this dependency. :wink: