Installer no longer supports `--edition` flag for Edge vs Full?

I noticed a change in the most recent nightly release (downloaded morning of Mar 29), specifically that with the Linux installer, the --edition flag is no longer available. You used to be able to specify --edition full or --edition edge in order to drive either product installation from the installer. Is this expected?

This is the output I get now (targeting just the --edition flag):

$ ./ --edition edge

Error: There has been an error.
Unknown option: --edition
Use --help to get a list of valid options

For the full error log, view the job log here:

In the --help I see a possible installation options file, is there any documentation on this file and its format? Perhaps that is the way to drive this and other options moving forward? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


I don’t know the reasoning behind the decision, but the ticket notes indicate it was intentional and that Edge will only be distributed via the zip bundles and not the installers.

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Thanks, Kevin! That will work for me, just wanted to make sure it was intentional!

Hi Kevin,

So how does the Edge install work in Windows with the zip file? I just unzipped it all - not sure how to go from there? Do I simply register the IgnitionGateway.exe as a service and reboot?


The Windows version should have Install and Start batch files that will register it as a service and start it. No need to reboot.

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Sorry - yes, found it. :man_facepalming: