Installing 8.0.14 on VM

I have a virtual machine created in HyperV, running Windows Server 2019. The server that is running the VM also has an Ignition Gateway (8.0.12) installed.

I successfully installed Ignition 8.0.14 on the VM running Server 2019, but when the installer goes to start the Gateway, I get the following error:

Gateway Startup Issue
Unable to install the Gateway service

The logs have just the following error:

Logs say: STATUS | wrapperm | 2020/07/08 06:19:17 | The Ignition Gateway Service is not installed.

Is it possible that the gateway running on my physical server is conflicting with the gateway running in the VM?

I ended up working with technical support. Nothing was found to be wrong, but after reinstalling and waiting a bit, the Ignition Gateway service showed up, and everything started up properly.