Installing 8.1.5 via Ansible unattended

Hello, I was hoping to get some insight from someone who may have had some experience installing ignition 8.1.5 using Ansible. I was able to run the installation file with the – unattended=none options succesfully but when I’m trying to install via Ansible it just hangs with no error messages or anything happening. I do see that ansible was able to ssh into the system and the logs show that the command was run but it just sits there and doesn’t do anything or give me any errors. If anyone has any experience with automating the install process via Ansible I would love any input into it.

@vlay, we actually have a ticket logged to address one element that interferes with automated installations that target a non-root user. Thankfully there is a workaround for the behavior that causes an interactive prompt to still be presented (probably what you’re running into). Below is a simple installer task from a playbook that I’ve used before:

- name: Run Ignition Installer
  command: |
    {{ download_results.dest }}
    location={{ ignition_install_path }}
    serviceName={{ ignition_service_name }}
    user={{ ignition_user }}
    # These workaround the fact that the installer shell script doesn't accept the user=<install user> when running as root
    SKIP: 1
    CURRENT_USER: "{{ ignition_user }}"
    creates: "{{ ignition_install_path }}/ignition-gateway"
  register: ignition_install_results

I’m attaching the whole solution with the entire playbook (install-ignition.yml) for reference. I’ve used it as a baseline for test benches and it works nicely! Obviously you may not need the Vagrant bits, but others may find it interesting. (7.4 KB) (EDIT: added the missing installers folder that was empty/ignored and sniped by my git archive)

And an asciinema demo for those that are curious :smiley::

Awesome - yeah I found out that I was running into the issue of a prompt coming up asking for a username to be provide since I ran the task with elevated privileges. This is exactly what I was looking for so very much appreciated.