Installing Designer Launcher and Vision client Launchers on Ignition Edge on Raspberry Pi

Hello There

I have been trying to install Designer Launcher and Vision Client Launchers on a Raspberry Pi that has the edge gateway installed. What is presented doesn’t reflect what is in the manual but disregarding that i follow the instructions as per the manual and the prompts on the gateway web page.

I extract the file that is in the downloads folder.
i navigate to the file and double click it. it gives a 4 options: 1. execute 2. execute in terminal 3. open 4 . cancel. 1. & 2. run a egg timer cursor for about 20seconds and do nothing. 3. opens a txt file with this in it.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Designer Launcher
Exec=bash -c ‘cd “$(dirname “$1”)/app” && ./ &’ . %k

Has anyone a how to on this?

More information usually results in better answers. :wink:

  • What version of Pi?
  • What OS do you have on the Pi?
  • Which version of Edge?

I’m pretty sure RPi can’t run the designer. At all. Due to javafx, IIRC.

Yes this is correct. Launchers and the Designer will not run on the RPi, you have to run them elsewhere.

RPi can run the gateway, a Perspective session, and a manually launched Vision Client if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

Can we use the RPI to run a vision window as a HMI?

yes you can. there are some shell scripts available at ${GW_ADDRESS}/system/nativelaunch?type=legacy&os=linux to help with launching a vision client on systems where the launchers themselves won’t work. You will need to install your own java (version 11) but any Web Browser component usage will likely not function on these devices. You may also need to do some modification to these scripts depending on your environment as well.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C


Help dumb this down for a total newbie. I’ve got an RPi 3b running a 64bit OS. I’ve installed JavaJDK v11. What more needs done to allow the client launcher to load?

It isn’t really for newbies–RPis aren’t really a supported platform. But it isn’t rocket science. Start by getting that script from your installed gateway. Save it locally in your RPi. Read it.

Edit it if you want to change some of the variable defaults. Change its permissions to executable. Run it with suitable arguments. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got it.

Note that launching a designer requires JavaFx, which isn’t available for typical ARM JDKs.