Installing Ignition 8 in diferent directories

Hello, I was hoping some could help answer some questions in regards to installing ignition 8.1 in a different directory than the default. I know that there’s the location command line option but specifically I want to be able to control the locations of the ignition/data folder, and the ignition/user-lib folder. I also noticed that on 8.1 fresh installs the location of the ignition.conf file isn’t located in /etc/ignition and is instead in the default install location. How would I be able to change the locations of these folders and still have the binary for ignition 8 still be installed in /usr/local/bin

I think controlling these individual locations can only be done by editing webserver/webapps/main/web.xml and looking for the userlib.dir (and others) property. There is also a data.dir property in there but I don’t know if it actually works or if you need to use the -Ddata.dir=... JVM argument in ignition.conf instead.

The installer does not “shotgun” the Ignition files into different locations on your linux system any more. I would recommend you do not pursue this without good reason.