Installing module on non Development Gateway problem

Ideveloped a module where I add a RecordEditForm page and ActionTable page on the Gateway. I installed the module on development Gateway and everything works as it should. Than I signed the module and installed it on non Development Gateway (same version 7.8.4) and the problem is that when I click on link to those two pages it doesn’t open them. It opens a System Status page (as seen on image below).
Does anybody know where could be the problem? Thank you very much.

console output:

opened page:

Your page is throwing an NPE while the Config section is loading, causing the whole thing to error out and leave you at the status page.

If I had to guess, I would start looking at what your page is doing when there are no records present yet, since that’s probably one difference between your dev and prod gateways.

Your screenshot isn’t showing the details of the exception. Pause your console and click on “More” to see the traceback for your exception. The line numbers should help you zero in on the problem.