Installing SSL cert on Ubuntu

I have a Ubuntu 16.10 server that has both Wordpress and Ignition installed. I bought a SSL cert from Comodo. I installed the SSL certs in Apache and Wordpress was happy. I then created a ssl.key file for Ignition. But when I look up the instructions for installing the ssl.key file on the Gateway, the instructions are for a Windows GW only. Does anyone know what the path to it is in Linux (Ubuntu)? I’m not that good at Linux yet and I can’t locate the darn thing.

One other question: the instructions talk about three files certificate files but I only received two from from Comodo: the sites *.crt and a *.ca-bundle. Works fine in Apache, will it work in Ignition?

Thanks in advance

The webserver directory in a default Linux install is at /usr/local/bin/ignition/webserver; there will be an ssl.key (and in 7.9.0+, metro-keystore) file in this directory.

The .crt file will likely need to be added to a Java keystore; I used basically the following steps to take some .pem files from Let’s Encrypt and use them successfully with an Ignition gateway: … icates.htm
(skip step 1, since you already have your cert)