Instrument Interface Module

I am super excited about this. This could be the module that lets us use Ignition company wide!

Any word on pricing? Also, can this be used with Vision panel addition as well as full Ignition? How do you acquire RS232 data; From TCP/IP converters, Clients, Servers?

Yes, it can be added to the Vision panel addition as well as full Ignition.

The Serial Support Client-module is also required to acquire RS232 data from a COM port on a client. Likewise, the Serial Support Gateway-module is required if you want to acquire RS232 data from a COM port on the gateway (server).

To read data from TCP/IP on the gateway (server), the OPC TCP Driver is used to read the raw data into a tag. From there the raw data can be parsed using the Instrument Interface module.

To acquire data from TCP/IP on the client, requires using scripting to handle the TCP connections. However, we will be adding a TCP component to the Instrument Interface module soon that will eliminate the scripting.

Pricing is being finalized but if you contact sales they can give you more details.

Are the instrument and serial modules supported on Linux?



I must have missed something. What’s the Instrument Interface Module?

Here’s a recent news article about it.

I think there will be some more info coming shortly.

Hi all,

I have few question about this Instrument interface… i am newbie to this ignition and still learn it.

im excited about ignition.

ok my question is, suppose i have 5 Client PCs and 1 Server, and each Client PCs has Barcode Scanner. So each PC will scan a barcode, for that i have created 5 windows which operator will open and scan the barcode.

can i get those barcode scanner value directly from my client PC?


Yes, the instrument interface module gives you the ability to communicate to devices connected to the client or the server.

Thanks for your reply…

Next Question, where should i install this module? on each of client PCs or only on Server PC?


As usually with Ignition…on the gateway (the server). Just go to the gateway webpage (, log in and go to Configuration/Module/Install a module…

is there any document, which explain about how to use this module?

im looking everywhere, but i didnt find it…

There is a .pdf at the very bottom of the Downloads page (

Can’t find a PDF for it.

Here is the link: … Manual.pdf