"Insufficient privileges to view this page." When Logging In

OK, I have two separate projects showing the same symptom. I am set up with Database authentication, and have users set up as either Operator, Administrator, or Engineer roles. I set up my Gateway to require one of the roles to view the Home page (these projects will be accessible over the Internet, and I wanted to lock them down as much as possible.) When a user pulls up the home page, and enters their username and password, it pops up the “Insufficient privileges to view this page.” message over the login box. However, if I then click on the Home tab at the top of the webpage, it takes me to the home page and shows the user as being logged in. If I log in with a higher role user, I can click the Status or the Configure tabs and immediately go to those pages. Has anyone else seen this behavior? It’s more of a nuisance thing at this point, rather than a functionality issue, but I’d like to get it cleared up so users don’t see the error message on login. Thanks.

Yes, we are having the same issue.

It happens in both 7.1.5 and 7.1.6

We have another issue that I think may be part of it but not sure…

When you enter your username and password and log in, it just takes you back to the log in screen again, now if you enter your username and password you get the notice and actions you describe.

One of the projects exhibiting this is 7.1.6 and the other is 7.1.4, so it must go back at least that far. I’m assuming it has something to do with the database auth, since the internal auth works fine. I’ve also seen what you are describing, but on my end, it doesn’t happen all the time. Very strange.


We too are using the internal database.

We are also using SSL, are you?

Currently, we are not using SSL.

Well, guess SSL is not the culprit.

OK, I’ve got the lowdown on this one. This only happens when there are multiple roles that are allowed access to that gateway page. ie: Operator and Administrator. This is a known issue and our developers will get to it as soon as they can.

In the mean time, you can change the required roles to a single one (ie: HomePageAccess, ConfigPageAccess), and give that role to everyone that can log in. You shouldn’t see the ‘Insufficient privileges’ error pop up if that’s the only role you are checking for.

That did the trick! Thanks, Robert.


I hope to make the changes later today.

Changes made, all looks good now.

Thanks again.

Do we have an ETA on this fix?

Our gateway default log in page is on the “Configure” page. Is there a way to have it be the “Home” page? That would help here. Not that I can’t work around it. Just an annoyance.


This was fixed in 7.1.7, see changelog entry:

Seems to be spontaneously happening around in my office on 8.0.6 for the Gateway homepage despite being able to moments ago. Once the computer is restarted it seems to cause this problem.
Changing the roles is not available since no one can log into the gateway status or gateway page from the internal source.