Intall OPC UA server on a development board base on arm9

I want intall your OPC UA server on a development board(Linux kernal 2.6.38) base on CPU arm9,I have a plan ,do you think it is feasible : because JSW is not platform-independent,I install it on PC base on X86,the other module which is written in Java and platform-independent I will install on the board.
Can your company help us to develop the OPC-UA server based on arm9 so we can istall it on the board,we will pay for it.
Pleaw give me some advise,thank you very much.

Unfortunately all of the modules require the Ignition platform to run, and the platform itself relies on the JSW to run… we would need a JSW that runs on arm9. They support many platforms/cpu combos, but it doesn’t look like arm9 is supported yet.

Have you considered something like this:

Even if you got our OPC-UA module running on your dev board, it’s never been tested and wasn’t designed for running on a low-power embedded device.

Running Ignition on an ARM-9 linux distro is within the realm of possibility. Here’s the barriers:

  1. You’d have to run Ignition without JSW. This isn’t a big deal. You just need to write a shell script that invokes the correct Java command line, and monitors its return value. If the return value is 2, then the script should start Ignition again (this is how Ignition restarts itself)

  2. We’d have to write an ARM compatibly licensing hook. This would take us some time, as we’d have to do some research and get some hardware in-house to test on.

These are not huge barriers, but negotiating them on the forum isn’t appropriate. If you’re serious about this, you should call us and start talking to an account rep to negotiate how to move forward.