Integer Array Bit Alarming not working as advertised

I’m using Ignition Edge ver 7.9.16.
Ive created an integer array with source type Integer which is bringing in 32 bits from a DINT (double integer) from the PLC. I’ve created 3 bit alarms on bits 0, 1 and 2.
When I put a decimal value of 1 in the register, the Bit00 alarm fires. GREAT!
When I put the decimal value of 2 in the register, I get this:

It is giving me the correct bit address [1], but the wrong alarm name. (Bit00).
I only have alarms configured on bits 0,1,2, but when I turn on bit 3 I still get an alarm with the label from bit 00.

Also…If I remove the alarm on bit 0, the other bits no longer trigger an alarm.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? or is this a bug?

I found the solution on my own. I was using an array tag type, which was causing the problem.
If I set up my tag as a simple integer, the bit alarming works correctly, although it doesn’t automatically annunciate which bit is firing, which could make it harder to cross reference to the PLC, so you might want to include the bit address in the alarm name or alarm label.

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