Integer custom properties format change btw 7.5 and 7.6

I use integer custom properties “Id_select” to store id for a parametrized SQL query.
In 7.5.5 version all is fine. For example the value is 2551065.
(this value of this custom properties is binded to the selected value of a dropdown component)

I upgrade to 7.6.3.
In 7.6.3 the value become : 2 551 065 ie with space every 3 digits.
and now my database SQL Query : …WHERE id_itineraire IN({Root Container.Id_select}) for a table component give me an sql error because of space into the value.

Is there a way the avoid this integer value formating ??? (on custom properties or on component integer properties)

Will be corrected for next release ? :scratch:

For now, you can use the replace expression to get rid of the spaces:

WHERE id_itineraire IN(replace({Root Container.Id_select}," ", "")) 

Yes, thanks for the solution, but I have lots of SQL query to check.
A fix in next RC will be better…

This works for me in 7.6.3. Are you using a different locale? Using a 9 digit number in the where clause from a dropdown selectedValue property works fine. How does your Id_select integer get its value?

The locale is fr for 7.5.5 abd 7.6.4rc1
Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_09 on both

Root Container.Id_select is calculated by an expression :

if({Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.CheckBoxToutesLignes.selected},{Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.DropdownLigneTc.IdsItineraire},
{Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.DropdownLigneTc.selectedValue})

IdsItineraire is a String custom property.

This property is calculated by an SQL expression :
select GROUP_CONCAT(distinct id_itineraire SEPARATOR ‘,’) as ITINERAIRE from VUE_CMD_HORAIRE_IHM where id_pae={Root Container.id_pae}

Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraireDropdownLigneTc.selectedValue = 2 551 066 (with spaces) in 7.6.4rc1 instead of 2551066 in 7.5.5

The problem occur when Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.CheckBoxToutesLignes.selected is FALSE

The trueReturn and falseReturn values must be the same type so I think your Id_select must be getting converted to a string with spaces because of your IdsItineraire. If it’s fueled by an expression, then you can try forcing it to be an integer then convert it back to a string. Try this expression instead:if({Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.CheckBoxToutesLignes.selected}, {Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.DropdownLigneTc.IdsItineraire}, toString(toInt({Root Container.ContainerMessageHoraire.DropdownLigneTc.selectedValue})))

thanks robert.
It solve my problem for 7.6.4