Integer vs String

In a dynamic property I have a value which is an Integer value. What I would like to be able to do is take another dynamic proper which is a String value and have it equal the Integer value but be 2 digits in length.

So if the Integer Value is = 1 then the string Value would be 01, if the Integer Value is 23 then the string value would be 23.

I though that this was what the ‘NUMBERFORMAT’ command was for but it does not make the string 2 digits.

This is the code that I tried:

numberFormat({Root Container.value1},’##’) - [this code is equal to value2 which is a dynamic property which is set to string.]

value1 is a dynamic property which is set to Integer.

You should check out the user manual page for the numberFormat expression here: … mberformat

From that page:

[quote]Pattern Characters
0 - A required digit
# - Optional digit - 0 is not shown.[/quote]


numberFormat({Root Container.value1},'00')