Integrate the PMI gateway with an ASP.NET website


Are there any general guidelines on how to integrate the FactoryPMI gateway to an ASP.NET webpage system (i.e. company Intranet). In particular, are the user names and passwords used by FactoryPMI exposed in a table or other file somewhere so it could be integrated into a bigger website. Also interested if other configuration options are exposed for external programming.

That would allow some cool tricks around who is authorised to see what client applets.

You should use a “datasource” (DB) as your authentication scheme instead of the default “internal” source. You can have FPMI create a basic schema for you or you can explicitly create queries to get the users and roles (groups) from your existing tables.

Alternatively, you can set up Active Directory to get users and groups from your Microsoft Windows Domain.

See the manual under: Gateway->Configuration->Authentication->Datasource.

The system is very flexible in terms of allowing/restricting access to/within your projects based on user permissions (roles).

FPMI is very compatible in terms of integrating with your intranet site. This thread shows URL paths to projects (applet/normal/web start) and the gateway. The various status pages are available as well. You can also create simple single-screen projects that “autologon”, then embed them in your portal as applets or you can launch full web started projects - lots of options.

Beyond authentication, FPMI gateway configuration options are not available externally. You can always provide access to the gateway configuration site from/within your company intranet site.