Integrate ThermoFisher analyzer to ignition

I have two computers that are connected to ThermoFisher Analyzer
One of them working with Chromeleon 7.2.9 for analyzing stack, The other is Oxsas 2.6 for analyzing material
The output of them is an Excel file. I would like to connect them to my SCADA and store the result to my historian
There are new files every day. I am trying to use python scripts in Ignition to write a script that executes once per day. The script would search a folder for any new Excel files, read from those files into tags, and then move the files to a new folder.

Do you have any ideas?

If you share an example of the CSV. I can maybe write a script to help you get going.

Are they saved to a network drive or are you going to do FTP?

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Thank you so much
here is sample

I am going to use network