Integrate Wireless Sensor with internet cloud using IOT boards

I am trying to monitor the wire ducting of HVAC system of corporate department as I am performing this function with 4 wireless temperature sensor and monitoring it through mesh network(interface with arduino as router) and sends the data to raspberry pi(connected with another mesh module as coordinator to communicate with arduino),
But I want to send those data directly to internet cloud database and create data as per Comma Separated Value
But still new to this area I haven’t interface anything with internet cloud yet,
Please suggest the best way to make this process functional will be very helpful

  1. Choose a cloud provider (MS Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud)
  2. Configure your devices to connect with your cloud provider’s IoT Hub or similar jargon.
  3. Setup rules/events in your IoT Hub for how to handle data received from your registered devices.

Looks like the manufacturer of your temperature sensor already provides support for Azure IoT and NodeRed. I’m sure they’d be willing to assist further in setting something up. Here’s some additional resources right from Google:


Hey I have been gone through the documentation and configured with firebase but I was not able to extract the CSV format for sensor readings and face uploading of data is very slow while checking it on dashboard

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