Integrating Dropdown with the Time Series Chart

Fairly new to Ignition, and have used the Easy Chart in Vision. Now that we’re shifting over to Perspective, I’d like to emulate the functionality (custom Y-axes, multiple Y-axes, configurable time series range).

So far, I’m able to get the dynamic time series functionality on the chart with two DateTime Input components, binding to their properties with their respective {../DateTimeInput.props.value} property bindings.

The rub is trying to get tags populated into a dropdown for the time series chart to reference. My plan was to use an expression to select tags, but I’m having some problems getting the functionality to work right. I’ve got a known list of 223 tags, imported with the Modbus utility so they all feature similar tag names. My plan was to use a for loop and statically program the iterations, but I haven’t been able to make this work successfully.

options = []

for x in range(1,223):
	options.append({"value":"[default]_Vertiv_UPS_/UnitId 0/Vertiv_%i_0-Vertiv_%i_0/Vertiv_%i_0" %(x,x,x),"label":"[default]_Vertiv_UPS_/UnitId 0/Vertiv_%i_0-Vertiv_%i_0Vertiv_%i_0" %(x,x,x)})

return options

Thoughts? Should I use a different approach?

@andrewk, In the upcoming 8.1.0 release, you’ll have access to the Power Chart component which functions very similarly to the Easy Chart in vision. You can play around with in the current RC and see if that meets your needs.