Integrating iGear Squeaks for alarming and notification

We are starting to use iGear Squeaks to notify managers of issues on the plant floor and I’m wondering if anyone else has implemented this, and how they integrated it with Ignition.

The reason for using Squeaks stems mostly from the availability of a phone app that can be easily configured by each user, and is accessible outside the firewall. The biggest drawback is that the communication is basically one-way. Once data is pushed out it enters their ecosystem and doesn’t have a convenient way to communicate back to Ignition when an issue is resolved.

Just wondering if anyone has rolled anything like this out.

If the service uses webhooks to drive notifications (I can’t find any technical details on their public website), you could probably adapt the Slack notification SDK example with some light Java experience:
At that point you’d be tied in to Ignition in a very first-class way; you’d just select your custom notification source in your alarm pipelines.

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