Integrating Z-Wave into Maker

Greetings, A couple questions on Integrating Z-Wave into Maker. I’m using Maker v8.0.15 and the recommended Aeotec Z-Stick Gen-5.

What is the recommended way to add a non-secure node? Using the Z-Stick button standalone or somehow using Ignition to send the include node command?

What is the recommended way to add a secure node (like a Kwikset Z-wave plus deadbolt)?

Is there a help document somewhere to walk us through the whole integration of Z-Wave into Maker, I’m pretty familiar with Z-wave in general (have used HomeSeer in the past). The GitHub Z-wave readme mostly talks about how to add the Z-Wave module into Maker but then pretty much stops at that point.

Thanks for the help

I would use something like OpenHab to access your Zwave devices then connect Maker to OpenHab via the RESTful api, MQTT, or using Node Red which is my preferred method.