Integration with Bartender

Has anyone used the Bartender Application along with Ignition?
It is by Seagul Software
We have several application written using .NET and labview that calls the ActiveX components to easily print labels. The customer would like to continue to use Bartender in order to print DM and QR labels.


Java and .Net aren’t really designed to play well together, though there are resources that might be made to work for you. I’d start here:

And yeah, don’t expect this to be trivial.

Thanks for the link, and i just saw that ActiveX controls were dropped from Ignition.
We are just starting to get into using Ignition more.
I did see that the Report builder can handle labels. Essentially we need labels on demand for Tracking.
I see i can script this out, but it looks like this is a blocking call, is this blocking at the gateway level i assume?

Yes, assuming you are talking about You can invoke a script with the function system.util.invokeAsynchronous() to give it its own thread.

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Do you mean report generation is a blocking call – to not use .Net? Yes, but executeAndDistribute() targeting a label printer can be called from an asynchronous thread.

From my experience with Bartender, the main point is getting data into Bartender (esp if you use the ‘Commander’ software. That’s pretty easy to do from Ignition - you can either open a raw socket using Java/Jython from scripting, or perform an HTTP request with some system functions.