Integration with SAP via Intermediate SQL Tables

I’m developing a system where Ignition will be interfacing with SAP via intermediate SQL tables on a standalone MSSQL machine. The various transaction that I know of at this point are:

  1. Schedule downloads
  2. Goods Consumed
  3. Goods Produced
  4. Goods Restock
  5. Removing/Historizing completed transactions
    There are a few others that are less problematic (e.g. I’ll simply read and update Ignition data periodically or on an operator action).
    Some of these will be triggered based on triggers in the production process (Goods Consumed/Produced), but some need to be triggered on data change events in the tables (e.g. once a Goods Produced record is processed by SAP a status field is set to a value based on the result in SAP. Once this value is set the record is to be deleted from the intermediate table. Another example is the production schedule. The schedule will be processed on a periodic basis, but if SAP updates the schedule for that period then the newly updated data needs to be processed and utilized in place of the old.) I know I can set up triggers (though I’m no expert) and procedures in SQL but I wanted to see if there was a more effective way to do this from the Ignition side.

Has anyone had any experience doing this? What worked and what didn’t?
Thanks in advance.

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In our experience,

We use transactions from ignition when the task is periodicly.

Now, if you have to act depending on events in tables, I think the trigger is the best option.

But this is just an opinion. Regards,

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