Integrators in Belgium


Is there any integrator of your products in Belgium ?
Is there any company, here in Belgium, using and have already implemented your products ?


Benoît Colson

I don’t think so. You can see all the European Integrators by following this link. We are willing to support new integrators if you find a local one that you like.

Could you give me, maybe in private email, some industrials companies using your products in Belgium or France, maybe a name of someone I can have a contact with ?

thank you


Benoît Colson

We do not have any integrators in Belgium at this time. Closest ones are Paul Wurth S.A., in Luxembourg and HTB-Techniek in Netherlands. Also Austral Concept in France. Their contact information is on our website. It is possible that we have end-users in Belgium, but none who have purchased directly from us. We do not always obtain the names/locations of end-users when licenses are purchased via integrators. Jim, Inductive Automation

Nice first post, Jim. Hope to see many more.

Benoît - you also have the option of getting design consultation from Inductive Automation directly. That would help if you do the work yourself or have a local integrator do it.