Intelligent Alerting using Multiple Evaluation Parameters

Hello, looking for some help with setting up alarms and user notifications. Attempting to reduce as much noise/notification fatigue for the recipient of the notifications …

My team is relatively new to Ignition, we are currently using a home-grown solution that works, but is becoming end-of-life, and therefore in process of evaluating Ignition to move forward with.

Scenario: Send notification to maintenance supervisor for a motor that has faulted more than 3 times within a rolling 60 minute window, and each occurrence has lasted at least 5 minutes before being reset.

Thanks for any suggestions, guidance.


This is possible using a UDT, the Alarming Pipeline and some scripting.

You should look into alarm pipelines - for instance, this IU video lays the groundwork for what you’re looking for:

Between local pipeline properties and notification throttling you should get pretty close to what you want with relatively little effort.

Great, glad to know this scenario is possible. thank you for the prompt response @Sunny.

Thank you @PGriffith. We’ll have the team review the suggested course. Appreciate the prompt reply, thanks!