Intellisense Descriptions

In the new 8.1.20 version where we now have intellisense for scripts in the script library, is there a way to populate the descriptions in the intellisense bubbles using some type of special header format?

I believe you would have to add a docstring to your functions.

For incendium I use the Google standard for Python2, which allows me to get the following:

My best guess is that the people behind this feature just render whatever they find, but PyCharm gives you the following options for formatting your docstrings: Plain, Epytext, reStructuredText, Numpy, and Google. Which look something like the ones in this SO answer:

Choose the one you like, and you'll (most likely) be set.


In an upcoming release we're hoping to parse the Google format directly for typehints and the like, to enrich the provided hints for user scoped stuff.