Would it be possible to include something similar to intellisense in FPMI? This would be useful in both the jython section and the expression language. I find I have to constantly click on the function button to see what parameters the lookup function takes. If a tooltip would pop up while I type it would make for a great feature.

You aren’t the first to request this feature, believe me. Its on “the list”. That said, it isn’t trivial, and there are a number of more pressing features, so I wouldn’t expect it too soon.

On a related note, a vim-like (or even vi-like) mode for the editor would be super. Or, better yet, having a setting to change the default editor to something installed on the local computer, like all the UNIX terminal applications do with the EDITOR variable.

It’s not a very pressing issue, but it’d be nice to avoid copying and pasting code between editors, as well as getting ‘:wq’ out of all my minor edits :slight_smile:

Duly noted, althought I’m not sure how the external editor thing would work since we aren’t dealing with files here…

For an example of the external editor, refer to a program like mutt, a console email program that you’d find on just about any linux box. When you go to type an email, it launches whatever editor is listed in the EDITOR environmental variable. I don’t believe it ever stores a file - instead, it stores the text in a buffer and returns it to mutt when it’s done running.

I’m not sure how the buffer is passed… probably through a pipe, but that wouldn’t work on Windows. Some popular editors have a client/server mode or ftp mode - perhaps that could be used? I believe vim, emacs, and notepad++ all have this functionality.

It’s not really a feature I’d expect to ever get implemented, but as you probably know, most programmers love their editor more than their family, so it’d be an awesome present nonetheless.