Interact with Smartwatch

Hi, there is a possibility to use a smarwatch (android,android wear, watchOS, tizen) for interact with Ignition and/or MES?


One way is to develop a web interface using our WebDev Module, and access the project using a web browser on the smart watch. Note that not all smart watches may have a web browser available.

Another way would be to develop a native app for the watch which can send HTTP requests to Ignition, again configuring the backed scripts using the WebDev module.

we just tried to open a Ignition mobile project over Apple Watch 3 (Browser is installed). But project doesnt open?
On smartphone its working. Do you know whats missing?

thanks & regards


The Apple Watch OS does not implement a Java Runtime, so there is no possible way for you to run an Ignition project on it.
What @adam.morales was referring to was to have either:
1- A web browser request data from Ignition via a REST endpoint (using Ignition’s WEBDEV module)
2- Build a native Apple Watch OS app that would request data from Ignition (again, via Ignition’s WEBDEV module)