Intercept 'Gateway Connection Lost' retarget if server down

Hi all! I am currently working on a project that has multiple HMI’s around the plant that in normal use, run as a client of the main gateway server. These HMI’s also have the Panel edition of Ignition running as well, as a backup to make sure we don’t lose local control if the server goes down.
At bootup I check if the server is up and if so I launch the gateway client, if it is down then I launch the panel edition client.
Is there a scripting function I can run in the client that detects if a server is up or down. I plan to use system.util.retarget to change between the projects.
I also want this to be seamless for the operators, I don’t want the Gateway Connection Lost dialog, I just want to retarget to the Panel edition and back again when the server is back up.
Is this possible within ignition? The clients are all running Linux so I can write a script outside of Ignition, I would rather do it all within though.

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Unfortunately no, there is not way to do this from within Ignition. The first thing the client will do when it loses connection to the gateway is pause the python scripting engine, so you won’t have any chance to retarget.

This is a feature that is definitely on our radar, it just hasn’t had it’s turn yet.

In ignition 7.9.3, are the script still paused when the gw connection is lost ?
I have the same need to retarget the client in this case :unamused:


I am in a project with an Ignition Edge Panel and a regular GW. I am planning on using the Edge panel as is described above using local fallback, but I haven’t got there yet. There is a little info about setup on this page:

Do you think this is what you need? If so let me know how it goes when you implement. If I get there before you comment back, I’ll try to put my experience back on this thread.


Hi caleb,

Unfortunately not really according to this post :

My computer with Ignition vision client has no local ignition installed. When the client lose the connection with a first redundant gateway, I need to retarget it to another redundant gateway (with the magic of remote tags, all my gateway can operate the full system)

As for now, it’s not possible :sob: (no such Ignition feature built-in and not possible by script)

Ok. I recently had problems with client connections (my problem was that DNS was not always reliablly creating the connection I needed for both remote and local clients), and was told to change the settings under Redundancy > HTTP Addresses.

Turn off auto detect, then list all addresses that the client might connect to.

I don’t know if that will help you, especially if you don’t have Ignition native redundancy, but it might work if the servers that have the redundant projects have the same names for them. You might call support and ask if that would fix your case.