Interesting Linux issue

We recently updated Ignition to 7.8 from 7.6. Since then we have an interesting problem.

Upon Startup the workstation automatically loads a web page which in turn starts the ignition app… We have specific screen information that must be displayed on a particular terminal and we set that based on it’s IP addres. For example Terminal 4 must display the info from Machine D, Terminal 1 Machine A, etc. When we start the ignition app on the terminal reports the IP address to the server, we then send down to the server the appropriate tags.

My problem is that now all the Linux terminals return a localhost ( address to the Ignition server… I have to manually set the hosts file with the IP address of the Terminal, then it will return the proper IP to Ignition.

Any Ideas??? Does this on Ubuntu 12.04 - Have not tested any other flavors as of yet.

7.8? Did you drop a release number or are you from the future!

In the clients, when they send the IP, you might try using the scripting function to get the client IP as it’s detected by the gateway.

This way, you wouldn’t ever see the localhost (and should probably see the correct IP).